Heavy-Duty Water Weed Mat Installation Instructions

  1. Roll out the mat near where it will be installed. It is best to do this on a day with as little wind as possible for ease of installation.
  2. Connect the weights by sliding a weight all the way into one of the straight weight-connectors until it hits the weight-stop in the center of the connector. Slide the other end of the connector onto the next weight and repeat the process so that you have three weights connected in a row for a total length of 190 inches.
  3. Slide each row of connected weights into one of the four outside mat pocket. You should now have the outside of the mat framed with weights.
  4. Starting in any corner, slide one end of the corner connector (the curved connector) on to one end of a weight and slide the other end on to the adjacent weight so that the connected weights form a 90 degree angle. Be certain to slide the weight in about 4 inches into the corner connectors. Continue connecting all four corners in the same manner.  Finish by looping the strap over the connector and snapping it. It can be helpful to be sure that the weights you are connecting are pushed back as far as possible into the opposite end.
  5. Once you have the outside of your mat connected slide the last row of weights into the center pocket and secure it in place with the plastic tie provided.
  6. Tie a retrieval line (not supplied) through the corner that will be the closest to shore or dock for help in moving and / or removing at a later time.
  7. Apply a caution sticker (included with purchase)  to a plastic milk jug (or other similar type floating device) and tie it to a rope or line. Tie the other end of the line to the corner that will be the farthest from shore for the best visibility for approaching boaters.
  8. Pull one end of the weed mat into the water and to the area you want to cover. It is easiest to do this by grabbing hold of the frame (the edge with the buoy attached) in about the middle of that row.  Allow the mat to sink to the bottom. One person can easily install the Heavy-Duty Picture Frame Design Water Weed Mat by either standing in the water or by using a small boat.
  9. Tie the retrieval line to the shore or dock for ease in locating it again in the future.

Leave the Heavy-Duty Picture Frame Design Water Weed Mat in place until all vegetation under it has been neutralized. You can then move it to another location to start the process over again. In most cases you are able to move the Mat about every four weeks. Your situation may vary.

The Heavy-Duty Picture Frame Design Water Weed Mat must be removed from the water every season. Remove the weights and store them separately. Use a hose to rinse the mat with water, dry it and store it out of the sun so that it will be in good shape for next season.

CAUTION: It is recommended that the Heavy-Duty Picture Frame Design Water Weed Mat  be installed in at least a minimum of three feet of water to avoid the possible disruption by excessive wave action. For very rough or turbulent water you may need to add additional weight to your mat.  Lake rocks make a good choice and are often close by. Caution should be taken not to install the mat in an area where it might be contacted by a boat propeller. Damage may occur to the boat and  Water Weed Mat. A marker buoy warning sticker is supplied with your purchase and should be deployed to alert boaters of the potential hazard.

Note About Permits:  Check with your local jurisdiction to determine whether a shoreline permit is required.

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