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Seaweed Mat is ready to slide into the water.

Water Weed Mat is ready to slide into the water.

What makes our heavy-duty picture frame design outperform other seaweed mats?

One of the key design features of the Heavy Duty Water Weed Mat is its heavily weighted frame assembled around the perimeter.  The frame holds shape even in tall, heavy weeds.  The mat won’t “tent up” between weights like other mat products.

How does it work?

This Water Weed Mat creates a weed-free, open water area on your waterfront instantly! The heavy-duty woven poly fabric settles to the bottom, blocks light, and forms a benthic barrier to prevent re-growth.  The “picture frame” design holds shape even in heavy weeds.  The mat won’t tent up between weights like other mat products.  Most weeds are gone completely within 3 to 4 weeks.  No chemicals, cutters, or weed trimmings to remove.

How big is it? 

Our Water Weed Mat  is just over 16 feet square, that’s over 270 square feet of weed control! We have found that this size allows for easy handling.  One person can install and move our mat.  Larger sizes can be difficult to handle especially once they have been covered with lake sediment.  This size also allows for flexibility in maintaining odd sized spaces.

How do you install it?

It’s easy… all the weights and connectors you need are included with  your purchase so there is no need to buy, transport and cut additional weights.  Simply connect the weights using the weight connectors included and insert them into the weight tubes that are a part of the mat itself.  Once the weights are in place – you simply slide it into the water.  Check with your local jurisdiction to determine whether a shoreline permit is required.

What is it made of?

The heavy-duty mat is a woven poly fabric.  The frame is epoxy-coated steel.

Can you walk on it?

Yes!  Our heavy-duty Water Weed Mat is very durable, however, in tall seaweed you should let the weed mat settle completely to the bottom before you walk on it.

Can I use the area immediately after  installation?

Yes, but in tall seaweed you should let the weed mat settle completely to the bottom before you walk on it.

Can I move it to another location to eliminate more weeds?

Yes, the  picture frame design makes this Water Weed Mat easy to move in the water.  The 16″ x 16″ size ensures that weight from sediment build up is manageable and the frame keeps the mat’s shape.

Can I leave the mat in the water all year long?

For many seasons of use, it is recommended to remove the Water Weed Mat at the end of the season, hose it off, let it dry, and disassemble it.  Store it in a dry place out of the sun and weather.

How much will it cost to ship?

Shipping and handling charges vary depending on your shipping address. When you add the Water Weed Mat to your shopping cart, you may enter your zip code to calculate and preview shipping and handling charges before you check out. A flat fee for shipping and handling (on some items) is displayed with the list price for products when applicable.

Are quantity discounts available?

Yes.  All orders over 150 lbs could be eligible for a freight discount.   Please contact us with your zip code regarding deals on freight when shipping three or more weed mats (70 lbs ea.).  In order for us to get you the best deal on freight before placing your order, it could take up to 24 hours to process your quote. With your approval you will be invoiced separately through PayPal for the freight.  Your order will not be processed until your approval is received and your freight payment has been made. Upon notification of freight payment your order will be shipped.

We are concerned that our very heavy wave action will disrupt the mat. What can we do?

In most cases, this mat stays where you put it.  In severe cases it is recommended that you add additional weights such as smooth lake rocks to the top of the mat for additional holding power.

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